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Mooneys bay

Mooney’s Bay Ventures Inc.

Welcome to

Our Mission

We invest in real estate and social enterprise to strategically disrupt entrenched inequality and build a shared future in the Mooney’s Bay neighbourhood. We deploy holistic development strategies that align capital with long-term community success. We invest in people and places to create opportunity and shared prosperity for all.

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We believe in the inherent value of place…our place, the neighbourhood of Mooney’s Bay.

We believe that:

  • Place is fundamental to our humanity. Place holds the relationships we have with ourselves, with one another, and with our natural and built environment. The sum of these relationships gives us a sense of belonging;
  • Place is specific. Place holds the space for people to create and express an original identity;
  • Place gives us a shared global fate. All places are interconnected. Advancing our universal interests while nurturing the specificity of each place will contribute to our shared well-being.

With Gratitude to our friends at Shorefast

We work from within to promote strong values. Our values inform the team we hire, the partners, suppliers, and vendors we work with, the tenants and owners we partner with, how we interact with our neighbours, and how our neighbours interact with each other.